I have always been interested in human encounters and relationships between people. I am often told that it is easy to talk to me and that it feels like I really listen, am empathetic and always present in the moment. This makes me happy because I strive for my clients to feel that they are prioritised and the most important person or people in the room when we meet. My goal as a psychotherapist and work supervisor is that my clients feel that they can openly and confidently discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences with me.

I think everyone feels good when they are able to talk and be heard by someone. Sometimes the help of a neutral party may be needed to be able to stop in the moment, calmly think about the situation and, together, find new ways of thinking and acting as well as solutions for the prevailing life situation.

I offer psychotherapy to families and couples in Finnish, Swedish and English. We can meet in different sets according to your wishes. I also offer support calls, job guidance and organisational consultant services.


  • Master’s degree in political science; social psychology and social work
  • Registered psychotherapist at specialist level (julkiterhikki.valvira.fi)
  • Couples- and family psychotherapist, KELA service producer
  • Completed basic- and advanced studies in EFCT – emotionally focused couple therapy
  • Supervisor and organisational consultant. The training is approved by Suomen tyƶnohjaajat ry
  • JET exam – special vocational training in leadership


  • Over 20 years of experience in various tasks within the social and health and education sectors, including work as a family counsellor, social worker and school counsellor
  • Over 10 years of leadership experience, including as social service manager and unit manager